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Jack Bogielis aka Iakwvos Mpogielis was born in Kavala/Greece.

His first stimuli at the music scene was at the age of 11. He begun practising and practising and at the age of 12 he realised a remix made by him. Jack Bogielis had never beeing stop practicing since then. He is keen on House music and now at the age of 16 he has made a lot parties at kavala and new peramos.

Jack Bogielis was guest dj at almost 80 parties that held in houses etc.

Also he was a guest dj at house parties in kavala : Koxh cafe bar| MO beach bar | Nautica cafe bar |

in peramo : Aithrion cafe bar | En leykw club | obssesion cafe bar |

And all this at the age of 16...

At the age 15 to 16 he was realising sets for U.R.P 89,6 radio station. And at the same year in winter he leaved U.R.P and with his friend and partner Dimitris Grammenidis got at a local radio station called Radio Alexandros.

They managed to turn this radio station from the last radio station in the charts to first.

At the city of kavala 1st

In macedonia 3rd

in the hole Greece 10th

And this achievements was made only with the true love that he has about music.

to be continued....

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