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About me

paizo2Hi, I am mindtrip, I'm 32 years old and I come from Greece.I realize what electronic music makes me feel around 12 . I started buying Cd's and fined different styles of music, house –electro punk –progressive. I stayed in progressive .SASHA -HOLDEN-PAUL OAKENFELD i think is one of the greatest at his style.

i ve been to events in clubs and massive parties in Greece and listen different dj's playing.i steel do. I started playing music at home with two dvd's and a small console. Later on small parties came along and after trying 1 2 small radio stations as a progressive dj , finally at the moment I have my own set hosted at http://mindtrip.listen2myradio.com

MY BLOG : http://sexymusicmushroom.blogspot.com

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