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Tsalikee was born in 1978 and he's djind since his 16.He started by organising, promoting and djing at his parties,which took place in clubs so much was the success of these parties that established him a household name in Greece.

At age of 17 together with other djs formed the kinky danza crew , which was a collective with main purpose to reveal to the masses, the sound of house music.

His musical influences are mostly from soul,afro,funk,rock,latin and jazz. His sets includes many shades of house.

He has apperanced with many djs.Some of them are Dave Seaman, Derrick Carter,James Holden,Joeski,Joey Negro,Junior Jack,Kid Creme, Lucien Foort,Mas Collective,Rasmus Faber,Werner from Chilli Funk e.t.c.

Furhermore,have be dilligent the music of theatre.

At the moment he runs the Kinky danza parties and he produce his own music.

Some of the most important clubs he has djed are Almyra and X-ma in Kavala, Art-house and Decadence in Thessaloniki,Mylos in Crete,Caldo in Mytilene,Chaplins in Rhodes,Venue and Ammos in Athens,Wmf in Berlin,

Kanya in Ibiza and many more...

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